Why Group Training Course ?

While we offer both Group Training Courses as well as Personal One to One Training Courses at dog owners’ home, we always strongly recommend that dog owners to opt for Group Training Courses. Joining a Group Training Course will have the following benefits :-

  • The dog and puppies get to be trained in the presence of many other dogs and humans as distraction. The dog owners will be trained on how get the puppies or dog to pay attention to them and handle the dog properly.
  • It is very crucial for puppies and dogs to socialize with other dogs from young age so that they are less likely to turn aggressive towards other dogs at later age. Socialization is important for all dog breeds, pure breed or mixed breed dogs.
  • C.G.C. Canine Good Citizen program is part of our Group Training Course and dogs that passed the CGC Test will be awarded a CGC Certificate.

Our Group Training Course for puppies and dog will have up to 10 dogs per group and puppies and dogs of different sizes.

For dogs that have not be trained before can join our Puppycom Smart Dog Training Course.