Gound Rules

Ground Rules and Objectives



  • To allow the participants to learn the knowledge of proper caring and the skill of dog training.
  • To educate the participants the important of being a responsible dog owner.
  • To train and prepare the participants in taking part in obedience trials.


  • 6 ft. leash
  • Collar or Training Chain
  • Plastic bags and old newspapers to clean up the dogs’ droppings
  • Food , Treats & toys for dog training.
  • Bowl and water.


  • Certificate upon completion of course.
  • There will be a graduation test at the end of the course

The exercises will depend on the course that you sign up.



  • Owners are to ensure all dogs at the training ground are fully immunized against Distemper, hepatitis, parvo-virus, leptospirosis and other diseases
  • Dogs that foul the training ground and the surrounding areas, the owners will have to clean up accordingly.
  • All dogs are to be on leash through out the training, unless it is instructed otherwise, by the trainers (when it is necessary to perform training).
  • Owners are to be responsible for the behaviors of their dogs.
  • Handlers are expected to be properly attired, with no slippers and high-heels.
  • Give only a small amount of water, after exercises.
  • It is important to uphold the training as pleasurable and fun for the dogs
  • Make sure that all dogs wear their collar or training chain properly.


  • Dogs should not be fed before the training session.
  • Bitches in season are not allowed at the training ground.
  • At all time, dogs should not be left unattended at the training ground
  • Indiscriminate correction of your dogs should be avoided.
  • Reprimand to your dogs are not allowed.
  • Do not confuse your dogs with too many words when giving a command.
  • Do not chase after your dogs when it breaks loose accidentally.
  • Do not train your dog when you feel irritated or in anger.
  • Do not over work your dog under hot sun.

The organizer is not liable for any mishap at the training ground or during training.

All trainee is to ensure that his or her dog has had it’s annual vaccinations and has not suffered from / been exposed to the risk of any infections or contagious disease. However, at any time during the course should the trainee’s dog come into contact with any contagious or infectious disease, The Trainee would undertake to withdraw his or her dog from the course. By joining The PUPPYCOM (Hileytech Sdn Bhd) Obedience Dog Training School , the Trainee agree that joining the training is at his or her own risk and waive all the trainers and officials from any responsibility for any loss, injury or damage whatsoever suffered by me or my dog.

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