Dog Tricks Training

Dog  Tricks Training

Our Dog Training School  also offer Dog Tricks Training.  There are more than 100 different tricks that may be suitable for your dog. The Basic Dog Tricks Training Course we are offering at our Taman Puncak Jalil Center on Saturday cover training your dog for 10 tricks over 8 lessons ( 1 hour each lesson) at a cost of RM 800 per course in a group of up to 6 dogs.

Some of the tricks that may be suitable for your dog are :-

  • Bark
  • Beg
  • BowDog Tricks Training Malaysia
  • Circle around me
  • Cock your head to one side
  • Crawl
  • Fan the flames (two paws)
  • Cover your eyes
  • Gimme four (realistic version of gimme five)
  • Growl
  • Kiss
  • Play dead
  • Put paws on a person’s shoulders
  • Roll over
  • Shake hands
  • Shake your head
  • Stand up on rear legs (sooooo big!)
  • Dog Tricks TrainingSpeak
  • Wave
  • Wag tail
  • Spin
  • Walk backward
  • Heel backward
  • Dance
  • Weave between your legs
  • Walk sideways
  • Balance treat on nose, then toss it up in the air and catch it
  • Carry purse or other bag
  • Our dog retrieving the newspaper
  • Hide your eyes/paw over nose (shame on you/do you like tuna?)
  • Lead another dog by the leash
  • Moonwalk (scoot backward in a bow)
  • Take a bow, twirl, and take a bow


Dog Tricks Training is available at our Centre on One to One basis. Course Fee is RM 2000.00 for one course of 8 lessons, one lesson per hour. In addition , you can also opt for having the Dog Tricks Training at your place by signing up for Personal Dog Training ( One to One ) where we will send our trainer right to your premise to conduct the training course. For best result, we advice dog owners who wish to train their dogs for tricks to join one Dog Obedience Training Course before taking up the Dog Trick Training Course. Dogs that have been trained for Obedience will be able to learn more Dog Trick within shorter time frame.

To find out more about the Dog Tricks Training, feel free to contact us at 018-2374289 or WhatsApp us.