Dog Socialization

For Dog Owners looking for socializing their dogs with other dogs and human, we do offer dog socialization sessions at both our Taman Desa and Puncak Jalil training venue. The Dog Socialization Class is for dog that has been trained for obedience. Dogs that join this class will go through some obedience routine such as heel works, stay, recall and others in the presence of other dogs and human in close proximity. Details of the Dog Socialization class is as below :-

Total Number of sessions : 8
Time period of each socialization session : 1 hour
Class size : Up to 8 dogs and Human
Fee : RM 500.00

Available Locations :-

  • Puncak Jalil , 8:30am on Saturday
  • Taman Desa, 8:00am on Sunday

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The socialization class is suitable for most dog breeds. Dog that exhibit extremely aggressive behavior ( for dog breed such as Rottweiler, GSD, Pitbull, Belgium Shepherd, etc ) will need to go for our Training Course for Aggressive Dog