Online Dog Training Course

In additional to Group Training Course that we provide in our centres, we also provide Online Training Course cater for dog owners who are not able to travel to our centres. Our Online Dog Obedience Course cover the following :-

  • Introduction to the training equipments
  • Training the dog owner to become a Pack
    Leader so that the dog owner will be able to control the dog by voice or hand signal.
  • Guidance on the House Breaking Training.
  • Training the dog to Heel so that when you walk your dog, your dog will walk beside you. When you start to walk, your dog will follow suite and walk next to you without leading you or lagging behind you. When you stop, your dog will sit.
  • Training the dog to sit and stay
  • Training the dog to understand the Down and down stay commands.
  • Training the dog to ignore food and disturbance.
  • Recall and Finish so that when you call your dog, your dog come and run to you and sit in front of you and wait for the next commands. From there you can issue a Finish command and your dog will move to the Heel position immediately.
  • Training the dog to stand and stand stay
  • Training the dog for Right Turn, Left Turn, About Turn.
  • Training to ignore food from the floor
  • Training the dog not to rush out of front gate without approval from handler
  • Watch and attention

The course is a 5 lessons course on One to One basic. Each lesson will last for one hour. Course fee is RM 950.00.

To join the course, you will need the following on your end :-

  • A mobile device with a stable Internet Connection. A tablet will be preferred.
  • A stable Internet Connection
  • A Bluetooth headset with microphone
  • Download and install an IOS or Android App.

Please WhatsApp to us to +6018.2374289 to find out from us on the time slot available before signing up using the link below.

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