Novice Competition Class

Novice Competition Class is the 3rd Level Obedience Training which is available for those trainee who have completed the Pre Novice Class.

The Novice Class Training is a game changer whereby the Handler will learn to control the dog totally off leash and with minimum commands. The Sit Stay and Down Stay Exercise which will be extended to 1 minute and 3 minutes respectively allow only one single command to execute. Similarly for Recall and Finish Command, one single command is allowed. The same also applied to the Stand Stay Command which is a new addition on top of the Pre Novice exercise. In the Novice Class Training, the only exercise that allow multiple commands will be the Heeling Exercise.

For Left Turn , Right Turn, About Turn and Figure of 8, the dog need to stay very close and tight to the handler and if the dog go wide during such turn, substantial points will be deducted.

For Sit Stay, Down Stay, Stand Stay and Recall Exercise, the handler need to be away from the dog for at least 20 feet.

The Course Fee for Novice Class is RM 580.00 for one course of 8 lessons, one hour each lesson. The Training currently only available at our Ampang Training Centre. You can sign up for the course online.

You can contact us via WhatsApp to 60193256289 or call us for more information.