Course Details – One to One Training

Course Details – Puppycom One to One Training Course.

A course of 10 lessons, one hour per lesson at Dog Owner’s Place.

The Syllabus of the Training Course :-

  • Puppy and Dog Obedience. It include all the syllabus of Puppy and Basic Obedience
  • Introduction to the training equipments
  • Training the dog owner to become a Pack Leader so that the dog owner will be able to control the dog by voice or hand signal.
  • Dog Potty Training ( House Breaking Training )
  • Training the dog to Heel so that when you walk your dog, your dog will walk beside you. When you start to walk, your dog will follow suite and walk next to you without leading you or lagging behind you. When you stop, your dog will sit.
  • Training the dog to sit and stay
  • Training the dog to understand the Down and down stay commands.
  • Training the dog to ignore food and disturbance
  • Recall and Finish so that when you call your dog, your dog come and run to you and sit in front of you and wait for the next commands. From there you can issue a Finish command and your dog will move to the Heel position immediately.
  • Training the dog to stand and stand stay
  • Training the dog for Right Turn, Left Turn, About Turn.
  • Training to ignore food from the floor
  • Training the dog not to rush out of front gate without approval from handler
  • Watch and attention
  • Dog Tricks Included in the course will be the training of three dog tricks.

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