Pre Novice Competition Class

For Dog Obedience students who has completed the Puppycom Smart Dog Training Course can consider to advance to the Pre Novice Class.

The Pre Novice Class is to prepare the trainee to advance to Novice Class where the training will be done totally off leash. While the training exercises are similar to that of Basic Obedience ( Puppycom Smart Dog Training Course ), the training aim for great precision. Dogs will be trained to walk with handler totally loose leash and dog are require to sit when the handler stop without issuing any command. Like wise, dogs are trained to stay close to the handler when the handler perform right turn, left turn and about turn are made.

On top of the left, right and about turn, dogs now need to learn figure of 8 (eight) where dogs are trained to stay close to the handler during those turns.

In addition, Sit Stay, Down Stay and Recall Exercise will be done totally off leash at least 20 feet away. For the Recall exercise, the dogs are now required to come to the handler upon calling and high speed and running straight to the handler and sit in front of the handler and wait for further command. At this position, the dog will be trained to go into the Heeling position with both Left and Right movement which involve the training  and perfecting two more commands.

Walking the dog in Slow Pace, Normal Pace and Fast Pace on leash is also added in Pre Novice Class.

Training Course Fee for the Pre Novice Class is RM 500.00 for one course of 8 lessons, one hour each lesson.

Pre Novice Class is currently available at our Ampang and Taman Desa Centre. Sign up links are as below :-

For more information, please do not hesitate to WhatsApp us at 019-3256289 or call us.