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Application of Dog Import Permit ( for importing dog into Malaysia ) on your behalf and email you the scan copy on receiving it

Price: MYR500.00
111.11 USD



Local  clearance for dog import from countries that do not need quarantine that include the following services :-

  • Application of Import Permit
  • Airport Clearance
  • Custom Documentation and Clearance
  • Payment to VET Department at Airport
  • Sending your dog to destination in Kuala Lumpur
Price: MYR1,250.00
277.78 USD



Dog / Cat Import Clearance for Dog /Cat from USA , China, Europe and any countries that require one week quarantine at Sepang Quarantine Station.

  • Application of import permit
  • Collection of your dog / cat from the Airport upon arrival
  • Preparing custom documentation
  • Custom clearance
  • Presentation of relevant documents such as health certificate to DVS
  • Payment of VET charges to DVS
  • Transportation of your dog / cat   to quarantine station
  • Preparation of dog / cat food for the period of one week in quarantine station
  • Payment for one week quarantine fee
  • Send your Dog / Cat to your selected destination
Price: MYR1,750.00
388.89 USD