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FAQs on Indoor Dog Training
  • What are the main differences between your indoor and outdoor training scheme ?
    • The indoor training is being held at our indoor training center which is air conditioned.
    • The indoor training run in a smaller group of up to a maximum of 4 trainee per trainer. As for out door training, there may be up to 10 trainee per trainer.
    • The indoor training course will not be affected by bad weather such as rain.
    • Indoor dog training is particularly suitable for dogs that cannot withstand the heat of the outdoor training.
    • Indoor dog training is more expensive than the outdoor training course.  
  • What are the courses currently be offered at Puncak Jalil Center ?
    The courses that are being offered at Puncak Jalil Center at present are the Puppycom Smart Dog, Pre Novice Competition Class and One to One Training Course.
  • I can only attend dog training course during week day such as Thursday. Will there be any course running on other week days other than Saturday ?
    Yes, we will organize classes on week days if there is a requirement for such classes.
  • Is the syllabus similar to that of outdoor training ?
    Please view course summary >>
  • I have a Shih Tzu, which training center is more suitable for my dog ?
    We have many dog owners come with their Shih Tzu to join both our outdoor and indoor training. However, the indoor training is definitely suitable for dog such as Shih Tzu, Pugs, Pekingese which have short muzzle and sensitive to heat. Having short muzzle mean that they are not able to dissipate heat as fast as those dog with long muzzle. 
  • Do I need to sign up for the course before showing up to join the training ?
    As we train only in small group, we take in limited number of trainee for each session. Hence you will need to sign up and confirm that we can allocated a seat for you before you showing up to join the training course.
  • Can I sign up online ?
    Yes. The online link is right here >>
  • How many person that I can bring along to attend the training course ?
    Due to space limitation, we allow you bring along one additional person who can witness the training or help you with dog handling.
  • What do I need to bring a long for the training course ?
    Kindly bring along the following :-
    • Dog treats that your dog love
    • Toys that your dog love
    • A few plastic bags and some tissue paper which can use to clean up after your dogs poo
    • Dog leash of 5 feet or longer
  • Is there a graduation test upon the completion of the course ?
    Yes there is.
  • Will there be any Graduation Ceremony after we complete and pass the Graduation test ?
    Yes, you will be invited to attend the Graduation Ceremony once we firm the date for the ceremony.


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