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Potty Training for your Dogs

For dogs that are kept indoor, train your dog to pee and poo at the place that you want is important. With dog that know where to Poo and Pee will save their owner great amount of time. Dog owners will be relieved of the burden of having the need to keep on cleaning up the mess everyday. Dog Potty Training is place and smell specific and hence it need to be trained at your home. If you need help on Potty Training for your dog, you can sign up for One to One Training where we will be able to send one of our trainers  to assist you on the toilet training for you dog.

  • The Training fee is RM 1750.00 for a complete course of 10 lessons for  area around Kuala Lumpur city center and some part of Petaling Jaya. For other area, there is a  charge for additional transportation fee. Please use the link at the bottom of this page to check the actual fee. In the event that you location is not list in the drop down menu, do give us at call at 019-3256289 and we will be able to confirm that fee for you.
    If you have more than 1 Dog, our basic fee will be as below :-
    1 Dog - RM 1750.00 - 10 Lessons, 1 hour each
    2 Dogs - RM 2625.00 - 10 Lessons, 1.5 hours each lesson (in total)
    3 Dogs - RM 3937.50 - 10 Lessons, 2.25 hours each lesson (in total)
    Additional Fee applies for different locations. 6% GST applicable to the above fee.
  • In addition to Potty Training, the course also cover Basic Obedience Training. Basic Training include the following :-
    • Sit Command
    • Come Command
    • Down Command
    • Leave Command
    • Ignore Food or Objects
    • Stay Command
    • Stand Command
    • Not to pick up food from the floor
    • Not to run out of gate without permission.
  • Training can be held over weekend or week days depending on your arrangement with our trainer.
  • Full payment of the total training fee for 10 lessons before we commence to arrange the dog obedience training for you. Once payment is made,  we will assign one of our trainer for you within 24 hours. Our trainer will then contact you to fix the training schedule,
The sign up links are as below :-

For more information, you may want to contact us at 018-2374289, 019-3256289. 016-2210007 or Email us at info@puppycom.my




Call us at 019-3256289 or 016-2210007 or 603.89449965 or 603.89449365 or email us at info@puppycom.my  for more information.

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