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Lesson Plan for Basic Dog Obedience

Lesson Plan for Basic Obedience Class

The main aim in this training class includes :-

  • To establish the communication channel between dog handler and his / her dog

  • To make the dog understand a series of command from the handler

Duration : 10 weeks excluding bad weather

Lesson one : Introduction to Basic Obedience Class

  • Objective of training
  • Housebreaking Training (toilet training) will be provided on request.
  • Be a responsible dog owner and your social responsibilities
  • Proper training equipment
  • Introduce lead training
  • Proper use of collar and leash

Lesson two: Introduce Sit on Heeling at normal pace

  • Revise lead training
  • Q & A

Lesson three: Introduce Stand on Heeling at normal pace

  • Revise Sit exercise
  • Q & A

Lesson four: Introduce Down on Heeling at normal pace

  • Revise Sit and Stand Exercise
  • Q & A

Lesson five: Introduce Sit Stay Exercise

  • Revise Sit; Stand and Down Exercise
  • Q & A

Lesson six: Introduce Down Stay Exercise

  • Revise lesson five
  • Q & A

Lesson seven: Introduce Recall to Present with lead

  • Revise lesson six without Sit and Down Stay Exercise
  • Q & A

Lesson eight: Introduce Recall to Present and Finish with lead

  • Revise lesson seven heel work without sit and down
  • Q & A

Lesson nine: Introduce Stand Stay for Temperament Test with lead

  • Revise all exercises required for graduation test
  • Q & A

Lesson ten: Graduation Test

  • Heel work on preset heeling pattern
  • Recall to finish on lead
  • Stand Stay on lead
  • Sit Stay with lead one minute
  • Down Stay with lead two minutes




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