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FAQ on Puppycom A'Famosa Dog Day

Some of the common questions ask by our users are as follow :-

  1. Only me, my wife and my dog is joining the trip, I do not need a Bungalow. Can I book a room instead ?
    Unlike earlier, single room and two room Condotel are no longer available for booking. Only Bungalow is available.  We strongly suggest that you gather a few of your friends to join the trip with you and take up a Bungalow collectively.

  2. How may people can stay in one Bungalow ?
    There are four rooms in each Bungalow and in each room, there are two beds. Hence each Bungalow will be very comfortable for 8 people.

  3. What is the maximum number of dogs that I can take along ?
    We do not impose any limit but it is important that you handle all your dogs properly so that they will not cause any harm to other people, other dogs and property within the Bungalow.

  4. Do I need to take along a mobile kennel for my dogs ?
    It is up to you.

  5. Can I take my dog into any Restaurant in the A'Famosa Resort ?

  6. When is the closing date for making booking ?
    Once the Bungalow / Villa is fully booked, the online booking link / form will be deactivated. Booking is on first come first serve basic. As long as the link is still active, you can still make the booking.

  7. What are the payment method accepted ?
    To book, just click the booking link and proceed to fill up the online form. Once add to cart and upon check out, you can choose to pay using Credit Card or Offline payment.

  8. Do you offer transportation arrangement to A'Famosa resort ?

  9. Is the booking fee paid refundable ?

  10. How to make my way to A'Famosa Resort  by road ?
    Please view the location map at 

  11. Can my dog stay with me in the Bungalow ?
    Yes. In fact, your dog can stay with you inside your room.

  12. Can I redeem Tickets that I won via Lucky Draws for cash ?

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