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Talk on Dog Ownership

Puppycom is organizing a Talk on Dog Ownership with aim to help potential dog owners or new dog owners to understand more about dog ownership such as :-
  • Are you ready for dog ownership ?
  • Dog breed selection to suit your life style';
  • Responsibility of dog owners;
  • General dog care;
  • Building of bond between you and your dog;
  • The need to train your dog
  • and much more

Date : February 20, 2011, Sunday
Time : 2.00pm
Admission : Free
Venue : Puncak Jalil Center

To join the Talk, please fill up this form so that we can reserve a place for you.

Only a total of 30 seats available for reservation. Please fill up the form early. If you are not sure whether you will be free on that day, please do not fill up the form and give other the chance to join the Talk.


Call us at 019-3256289 or 016-2210007 or 603.89449965 or 603.89449365 or email us at info@puppycom.my  for more information.

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