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Puppycom Socialization, Distraction Obedience Training for Aggressive Dogs

The Puppycom Smart Dog Training Course is currently available at our Puncak Jalil Indoor Training Center. Detail of the training course as follow :-

Course Fee : RM 1000.00 for the complete of course of 8 lessons, 1 hour per lesson
Venue : Puppycom Ampang and Puncak Jalil Indoor Training Center
Open for : Dogs with Aggression to other dogs and human

The course is open to Dogs that show aggression for whatever reasons for all dog breeds. The course is recommended for the following dogs :-

  • Dogs that are dominants

  • Dogs with fear aggression

  • Non confident dogs

  • Dogs with poor psychological state that contribute to aggressiveness

  • Dogs with Food Aggression

The course include the following :-

  • The Basic Obedience needed for the control of your dogs.

  • Teaching the owner to understand the aggressive behaviour and methods to address it.

  • Training the dog with a lot of distraction and teaching the dog owner how to handle the dog under such circumstances

  • Working on improving psychological state and confident of the dogs

  • Socializing with other dogs and human.

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Call us at +6019-3256289 or +603-8944-9965 or +603-8994-9365
or email us at info@puppycom.my for more information.


Call us at 019-3256289 or 016-2210007 or 603.89449965 or 603.89449365 or email us at info@puppycom.my  for more information.

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