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Dogs with Bad Behaviour (Bad Behavior) and is Aggressive

Do you own a dog that has the following issues :-

  • Do you have a dog that turn aggressive each time you and you family is having a meal ? We have do several dog owners that told us that their dog turn very aggressive when they take their lunch and dinner when their dog is present.

  • Dogs that turn aggressive when the dog owner try to take a way their feeding bowl when their dogs are eating.

  • Dogs that become aggressive when they are eating their meal.

  • Dog that jump on you or your visitors.

  • Barking at the door bell

  • Chewing a wide variety of objects

  • Digging your yard

  • Barking at cars or motorcycles

  • Begging at the table

  • Urine and Poo at many places inside your house

  • Run out of gate when the main gate is opened

  • Excessive barking

If you are facing the above issues, you can sign up our One to One Dog Training Course where we will assign one of our experience trainers to solve the issue for you.

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Call us at 019-3256289 or 016-2210007 or 603.89449965 or 603.89449365 or email us at info@puppycom.my  for more information.

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